with love, Saint Lucia | Vacation diaries

Its not everyday you get to travel and spend 5 weeks abroad.
Having family and a house in Saint Lucia means I'm lucky enough to come here frequently and explore the beautiful island. I never ever get bored, theres so much to see and appreciate - anyone that has been here before will tell you the same. 

Half way into my vacation I can honestly say I have found my happy place. If you guys follow me on twitter you'd know how much I go on about the importance of self love and investments. As my house in St Lucia is situated in the countryside, it means I have the chance to sit back and appreciate the greenery and do some self reflection. Everyday I am able to see amazing views of the sea from my balcony as well as when the sunsets and the multitude of stars that come out at night. In London, I never really had the time or really thought about sitting back and just appreciating. Its so important to invest time in yourself to figure out your goals... your ambitions and how you are going to achieve them. Life is way to short so make sure you are grateful and thankful every single day



  1. Ah such a beautiful post hun! Your holiday sounds like an actual dream trying very hard not be jealous at your pics! And I totally get you life seems like its going by so quickly nower days so sitting back contemplating and just being thankful for it all is so important! Also you are stunning babe and yellow is definitely your colour! Keep having an Incredible time xo


  2. I absolutely looove these photos from St Lucia plus your outfits and the vibrant colors! Have a great time!


  3. This has really made me want to go on holiday to the Caribbean so badly! Love the images you've been taking on this trip

    Tia x

  4. I'm St. Lucian too but I live in the UK, and St. Lucia is my home and definitely my happy place. Love your photography of the island. And I hope you get to explore more of it on your future travels. x

  5. Ooo such lovely pictures of you in St Lucia, I would love to visit the Caribbean some time soon. Consider yourself blessed to have family back home rather than spend a fortune in a hotel haha
    Would love to see more blog posts
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