How to save money and still look fly

I know most, if not all  teenagers and young adults can relate to the struggle of trying to save money whilst trying to look decent. Well, my friends you are in good hands today as I have put together a little guide on how to save money without looking like a tramp and still being able to go out and enjoy yourselves!. Whether you're saving your money to buy something special or you just don't want to go broke 2 weeks after your payday this lil' guide is bound to save you a few pennies.

1) Student discount ( DUHHHH)

Although this first point may be extremely obvious - you'd be surprised how many STUDENTS do not take advantage of STUDENT discount. Alot of retail shops as well as restaurants and gyms are offering student discounts and/or deals so take advantage of them. Even though some shops do not openly advertise this, there is no harm in asking. All you have to do is show them your student I.D and they should apply the discount. If you are shy or you dont think it is 'that deep' to ask for student discount - you can sign up to UNIDAYS AND/OR NUS CARD where you can see the various shops/businesses who are offering it.
Alternatively you can search through the 897 student discounts that are available through the student discount directory: http://www.savethestudent.org/student-discounts/list.html

2) sign up to mailing lists

Guys, I know how annoying spam mail can be but I cant stress how beneficial it can be at times when you want to save money. You know when you click onto an online shop and a pop up appears telling you to sign up to their mailing list... DO IT!. Those annoying emails that they send can actually contain bargains. Normally, within the email companies normally give small or big discounts ( 10%, 20%, 30%) etc or they alert you when a sale is going to take place. Sometimes by signing to the mailing list they give you exclusive discounts that someone who wasnt signed up to the list - couldnt take advantage of.

3) Search for cheaper alternatives

Sometimes we just have to accept that we cannot always afford what we wish for and in that case you should maybe search for a cheaper alternative. For example, searching for a designer dupe instead of the real thing. The high street is full of items that are inspired by designers - it only takes someone who is determined to get the same look for less. Also, you can buy second hand instead of paying for a brand new item. This can be applied for both clothes and electronics!

4) sell your old stuff

I usually sell my old clothes and shoes ( some are even unworn) and I reinvest the money I get to buy new items that I want. That way, I'm getting rid of things that are no use to me and i bring in new items constantly without really touching my main money. Alot of people use ebay to sell their stuff but for me, i'm obsessed with depop.com. To put it simply, depop is basically like ebay and instagram combined and its a super easy and fast way to sell your things in return for money. It also gives you a chance to search for cheaper alternatives ( as mentioned above) and buy 2nd hand items which most of the time is brand new.

These are only a few simple tips, but hopefully they're somewhat helpful and it can get the ball rolling for saving money and still being able looking cute at the same time YASSS !

Until next time... x


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