The ugly side of blogging and its community

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Everyone and their cat are blogging nowadays.
Blogging is a great creative outlet to document journeys as well as a chance to share experiences of peoples passion and life. For me, I started blogging because I wanted to teach whoever reads my blog not just about personal style but about photography and lifestyle and a whole lot of others things. Of course, there is only so much I can do. I have just started out and I still have so many things I want to share and explore with you guys. 8 months into blogging, I can say I've had my fair share of what the blogging community is like - pretty and ugly. This blogpost just concludes things I have analysed and found - the blogging community isn't always about unity and freebies.

1) Followers is all that matters
With this point - I am relating this to bloggers and brands.
Fair enough, brands want to work with bloggers who have a big following so they can get their product/service known. BUT, the brands who gift those bloggers things to review etc based JUST on numbers and not their content and other factors  really irritate me.

Heres an example:
Blogger X- Instagram(10k+ not so active followers) - Alright content 
Blogger Y - Intstagram( 4k or less with active followers) Much more engaging and persuading content
 I've seen this tooooo many times where a brand will gift bloggerX rather than bloggerY because the first thing they see is larger numbers. I truly think blogger Y is no less capable of writing a good review on a product but just because their following does not meet 'requirements' they're stripped of that opportunity. Its really frustrating to see.
Im not saying brands shouldn't look at numbers when seeking bloggers to collaborate with but they should really consider content, views, likes etc 
 Just because someone has a couple of thousands followers doesn't mean they're getting a couple of thousand likes.

2) So you think you're better than everyone else?
Staying on the topic of followers.
When I've been to fashion or blogger events I have come across 1 or 2 bloggers or 'cliques' who think they're better than everyone else. Your following and collabs with brands may be on fleek but babes, we all do the same thing. I hate it, can't people be humble?.
The thing is, there is no shame in thinking what you do is good but when you get to a point where you think you're higher than everyone else you need to pause and take a step down. 

3) H-h-h-haters
If you're a blogger - you're going to have to take in the fact that the more known and recognized you get - the more criticism and hate you might get. Even though I have not experienced it myself just yet - I have seen it with other bloggers. Not everyone is going to like what you wear,write or the way you fill in your eyebrows but the sad thing is people will feel no way and will write whatever they want - oh and you might get the odd few who think its alright to curse you in another language under your insta photo. 

4) I want freebies and money
There are of course - many people who are entering the blogging community( & youtube now) with their main goal being freebies, sponsorships and money. Those are benefits that come with blogging but your sole purpose of blogging and success should not be based on the amount of free stuff and money you get. You should want to blog with pure intentions.
I think its pretty easy to spot those who whose intentions are purely focused on the benefits of blogging - especially when i see outfits with gifted content that that blogger probably would not buy with their own money. You do realise you can say no

5) Its not as easy as you think it is 
Many people have this view that blogging is easy - but its not. You have to produce good content and engage readers in order to get a following and get recognised. You have to be interesting. It takes time, effort and hard work to come up with different things to blog about as well as making sure you are consistently uploading new and exciting content for your readers to enjoy. I say this to everyone who asks me tips on starting a blog - only start one if you're going to be committed and you enjoy it.

On that note: Thats it! - please let me know in the comments your thoughts and opinions on this post and the topic I'd love to see what you think. Oh, this isn't a shade throwing post - its a generalisation and if you are offended by any of the points then it must apply to you (lol)


  1. I love this post because I agree with everything you are saying. So many people on Instagram become blogger just to end up internet famous with followers/sponsorships/likes, and then think of themselves as prestige without actually putting any worl in. It's ridiculous.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! and its soon true ugh!

  2. It's so true, we witness it all the time, super cool post Hun x

  3. totally agree with your statements. blogging has def. become a numbers game. but in the end, i think brands are starting to realize that some of these numbers are inflated. but i would have to say my biggest pet peeve about blogging (relates to your 4th and 5th statement) are those instagram accounts that say they are bloggers but they don't even have a blog (all in an effort to get freebies). this irks me b/c blogging takes a lot of time compared to just using instagram.


    1. seriously! its so annoying to see and there are so many low-key bloggers that are putting in so much more work effort and time

  4. you said it all guuurl and agree with all statements.

    these is why I took a 1 year break - blogging has changed so much, its actually gross


  5. Everything here is correct! Especially everybody and their cat having a blog now. Have to stay true to yourself in this blogging community.

  6. I absolutely agree with each and every word that you wrote.


  7. My days! This post was finely written, every word made so much sense, amazing! I really loved the way you put it all together and enlightened us on the other side of blogging! Keep it up, all the best ♡

  8. Nice post ! But you forgot that a lot of fashion bloggers become conceited when their blogs are famous !

    For example : They do not answer to messages & I bet that they see them b/c they're are always connected LOL ! I hate that ! I always take time to answer to all the messages/comments that people let on my blog.

    Why ? B/c it's all about support each other.

    If an other blogger take time to come in blog, look at my pictures, read my article & take time to let me a comment. WHY I can't do the same for him/her ?! Ok..It could take time but I always find time to do it. I think it's very disrespectful when someone let you several messages & you don't take time to answer it. smh...

    Nice blog btw ! I like your style :) Follow me on GFC sweetie, I always follow back.


  9. Wahhhh your blog is so cool. Your f.style is on point xx

    Hallo Horo

  10. Really like this post! Totally agree with number 1 as well. So many bloggers get amazing opportunities because they're follower count is huge, but in terms of content there's a lot that are just not being recognised :(.
    At times I get really caught up in not being a "successful" blogger, especially as I feel I've been blogging forever! but then I guess I come back to the fact that I enjoy blogging even if I'm the only one reading it haha.

    Martha xo
    It's in the Details, Dahhling

  11. I've always wanted to start blogging as a creative outlet and talk about fashion and makeup because most of my friends were not interested in fashion that much so I've created a blog.
    How many days do you recommend posting to get more people to read my blog and how can promote my blog without looking pushy and needy.

    Marlis xx

    PS. I love love your photography work and love what you stand for.

  12. I'm so happy I found your page! I'm a new blogger and I dove into this without already having a blogging community, and to see a young lady such as myself with such an amazing and (you can tell from the content) passionate blog gives me huge inspiration. I just have one question if you don't mind answering though. Like I said I don't have any friends in the blogging community yet. How did you find friends? Are there apps you use to meet new people and find new blogs?

  13. Absolutely love this post! It honestly just shows how genuine you truly are and who cares about the haters obviously you're doing something right. Keep it up and keep blossoming it's stunning on you!