Quick & Easy Mixed Berry Smoothie | Lifestyle series

What you'll need:
- A handful of frozen mixed berries 
- 1 banana 
- Milk
- & of course a blender!

1) Gather all your ingredients and prepare. Chop the banana and separate the frozen mixed berries.
I use frozen mixed berries instead of fresh ones because they:
  • last forever as long as frozen.
  • No need to add ice to make the smoothie cold and refreshing!
  • are cheap (aint nobody got time for expensive fruits)
By all means you can add fresh mixed berries instead of the frozen ones but this is my preference. Also, feel free to add a variety of different fruit or vegetables - experiement!

2) Put the fruits into the blender ( in my case the blender cup)

3) Add milk or juice of your choice.

I decide to use milk and not juice because I feel like juice makes the smoothie super sweet whereas the milk complements the banana and mixed berries. They almost balance each other out. Also adding a liquid is essential when blending otherwise you'll just be left with a clump of fruit not a smoothie consistency.

4) Blend Blend Blenddddddddd 
Its that simple - literally. This year I promised I would start living a 'healthier lifestyle'. That includes joining the gym( which I've finally done), watching what I eat, and going on a proper natural hair journey. I say proper natural because I have been natural all my life however, I have never paid that much attention to how I treat my hair and what things I put into it. Alongside my fashion and photography journey - I will also be sharing my lifestyle journey!( woohoo) and hopefully you'll learn one or two things.

Keep an eye out because my next lifestyle blogpost will be a Teatox review which I'm very excited to share with you guys!


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    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you - That means so much!! and yes I will continue xx

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