6 People I Think You Should Follow

I've been feeling extremely inspired by a load of people i follow on social media( IG,Twitter and youtube)so I thought I should share the love. All links to their social media is hyperlinked.


9th Sage
I recently came across this guys work on twitter and instantly fell in love. I feel like all of his photos make you feel something, it speaks volumes and its almost as if you're pulled along for the journey that he is taking. He makes you see the world so different - as if everything is art.
Twitter: here
Insta: here 

Captures women and nature so perfectly. Again all of his photos speaks volumes and his twitter bio basically says it all ' I could write you a poem - but I'd rather take pictures of you'. All of his images are so effortless and i'm always 'wow'ing at his work.
Insta: here
twitter: here

Pretty Sickly/ IDressMyself
I started following at the start of the year and i must say her style is perfectionnnnnnn. I don't even know how to describe her style but its quite simple but statement at the same time ( which is what I live by). Every outfit she puts together is just so effortless.
Insta: here
Youtube: here
Blog: here

ASOS Isabella
Everyone knows I love asos and very minimal outfits in very simple colours so following the ASOS stylist Isabella was just perfect for me.It means that when she posts outfits on IG I can find them on ASOS and buy it (leul) and because I like a lot of her outfits - I'm doing a lot of shopping on ASOS which is increasing my love for ASOS :(.
Insta: here
ASOS Edit: here

Shameless Maya / Maya Washington
I came across Maya on youtube when she first started her 'shameless' journey and ever since I've been completely hooked. She does a whole load of things from photography to acting whilst inspiring and teaching others not to be ashamed of who you are and to share/celebrate it - shamelessly!. You guys should defo check her out and watch some of her videos, you will learn a lot  
Youtube: here
Insta: here
Photography: here

Alex Elle 
I found Alex Elle first on tumblr through rebloging one of her quotes. From there, I found out she was a writer and whilst reading some of her quotes I had to follow immediately. She preaches self worth/love and her words are definitely something you want to read in the morning or at night for a little boost. I loved her words so much I bought 2 of the books she has and I recommend it to everyone - very inspirational.
Insta: here
Tumblr: here
Twitter: here

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