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( hairstylist: @hairbyrianna )

Hey guys! I am back with a new and improved blog layout (for now while i continue to learn more about html & css coding) as well as some interesting content!. I have been getting lots of questions on tumblr regarding photography as well as what  I do so, I decided to incorporate it into my blog so i can share my experiences with you. 

I am currently a photographers assistant working for JKG Photography and i am absolutely LOVINGGGG IT. I started not that long ago and I've already met so many amazing people and learnt so many things. Im sure you all already know, I want to pursue a career in either fashion or photography - both would be amazing. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare myself for that career as it incorporates both aspects of fashion and photography. I will be talking more about what i do in a future  Q & A post dedicated to photography so stay tuned! 

BTS | Pretty In Pastel

( MODELS: @ivycoco23, @kittyinpink, @msjjx )

The concept behind the 'pretty in pastel' shoot was Jade(@jkgphotography) wanting to express that everyone was beautiful regardless of their size and ethnicity. Inspiration was gathered from the ' all about that bass' music video and it all pretty much came to life in the studio!. There was an amazing team of models, a videographer, hair stylist and makeup artist which helped the day to be as successful as it was. Clothes were also kindly gifted to us from Misguided and Boohoo and some amazing looks were pulled together alongside with the Jump From Paper bags from TAIWAN! which look so animated but its an actual bag - i was soo amazed by it. One thing I love about being an assistant and BTS Photographer is the fact I am able to capture the moment and document my journey at the same time

P.S Strive to do something you love.  Don't lean towards something you are not passionate about just because it includes money. At the end of the day, if you are not passionate about it you will not put as much effort. Continue doing you

Check out more of the BTS photos ( here ) and check out Jades work ( here )

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  1. The shoots sound so amazing ah the pictures are beaut too! Love the msg at the end too I'm all about doing what makes you happy lifes too short! I heard a quote recently 'you don't hate Mondays you just hate your job' ha can't wait to get a job in fashion that I'm obsessed with! : Dxo