Crop top // H&M
Tailored Trousers // Forever 21
Grey Coat // Zara 
Bag // Michael Kors
Slip ons // Primark
Gold Choker // H&M

I must say - my first London Fashion Week experience was full of mixed emotions but overall i had an AMAZING time and i felt so blessed to be apart of it. I don't even know where to begin !

At first, I wanted to cry so badly. Waiting in the reception room to watch my first fashion show ' No Fixed Abode' I was trying to look for the battery to my camera to realise i left it at home. I seriously wanted to cry. Throughout the day I found so much opportunities to take photos and I couldn't even take much on my iPhone( i'll get to that story after). No Fixed Abode is a luxury street wear brand made and designed in London and the designs I saw consisted of army blue prints mixed with denim. One of my favorite designs was a t-shirt which said f**k normal you can have that which came in a black tshirt with yellow lettering and immediately caught my eye.

As I said, I found so many opportunities to take photos and i thought i could make up by taking them on my iPhone but i couldn't because it kept on dying and taking AGES to charge. I was so angry - i spent most of the day trying to hunt down a plug socket and it even got to the point where i had to ask someone at the last show i went to - to charge it for me so i could get at least one photo of the show! . I officially hate my iPhone battery life now.

After the 'No Fixed Abode' show - I went to Sommerset house and was stopped by an awesome photographer as well as other random photographers that was just snapping away at my outfit! . This photographer approached me - asking for my picture and at first i hesitated but he assured me i looked fine and the photos came out better than expected!. I included them above I'm sure you'll be able to tell which ones he took. He also told me he was going to name the photo CLEO-DAZ short for Cleopatra Dazhané which put a smile on my face ( lol ).

The last show I attended ( CCUOCO) was AMAZZZZZZZZZINGGGGGGGGG. I was so grateful to be invited to such a show. Waiting in the line at the Freemason Hall i looked around and recognised an abundance of well known bloggers and i also realized i was the youngest it was so surreal. It made me think about how early on into blogging i am ( i literally just started) and i've already been invited to LFW Shows and been recognised by well known bloggers.

I also visited the Shopcade pop up store and saw some awesome clothes made by Gemma Goldstone - all her pieces are FAB. Check out her clothing line ( here ). I really do wish I could attend the rest of the shows i was invited to but unfortuntatly i have college :( ( education before anything!). I have so many things i want to share with you guys but i don't want to blab on and make this post extra long so i'll end this post by saying thank you guys for supporting me whatever it might be - retweeting - viewing - following - I truly do appreciate it !

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