Hangout 'n' Photoshoot w/ Mercy

hey guyssssssss,
yesterday was very fun and productive - but tiring at the same time. I felt like an abundance of ideas were discussed and many future plans set in place! overall i had a fantastic day. I told myself every time i do a photoshoot i will write about it and share some of the pictures with you on this blog so hear i am. I met up with my friend mercy to spend the day together shopping and to catch up etc etc. We were TRYING to look for the American Apparel in Shoreditch but that did not quite work out and we were lost for quite a long time so we decided to visit the covent garden one instead. Of course, we got hungry and had a bite at pret a manger whilst discussing exciting things ( which i can't talk about just yet!).

ANYWAYS - of course i was carrying my camera so we had an out of the blue photoshoot at many different locations. What i like about this shoot was the fact that it wasn't planned at all and it just fell into the theme of a mid focus ( mercy ) and a background that wasn't your usual plain white background which is what i normally tend to go for. In fact, instead of the background being distracting i actually think it compliments the whole of the photo. I could continue typing BUT i need to stop now before it gets too boring

If any of you were wondering where mercys outfit is from its American Apparel ( she's an AA employee)and the sandals are from LaModaUk. I hope you liked these photos and i will be doing more shoots so make sure you follow @dazhaneleahphotos and if you want one don't hesitate to contact me via one of social media accounts or by email Dazhanesgs@gmail.com

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