7. River Island fashion is what you buy tshirt 
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hey guys, i wanted to share with you my current high-street wish list. There is looooooooads of things i want to buy and every time i walk into my favourite shops i literally get so excited. I think because my style is changing - it doesn't help my retail addiction and obviously i never have enough money to buy everything so it just upsets me *cries*. Most of the items you can see in the picture can be styled together and i think most of them are staple pieces as well. I have been LUSTING over these off white loafers( number 3) literally ever since i first saw them on the office website. But, when i saw it was 65 pounds I couldn't justify buying them even though i could afford them i just imagined all the clothes i could buy with that money so i just left it. BUT! just as i was searching for the link i realized it went down to 40 - i actually screamed the house down. So thats one thing i am definitely checking off my list even before i put this up !. As for the oversized shirt, I have been looking for the perfect one for ages. Even though there are loads out there on the high street i haven't been able to find the right one because i'm very fussy. Of course the perfect one had to be on sale but sold out in my size *sigh*. 

Hopefully, in future posts you'll see me wearing these items and i can show you how i style them!


  1. Love these loafers, always looking at them instore!

    1. grab yourself a pair asap they're in sale ! defo worth buying I got myself a pair

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