Cardigan coat - Primark
Crop Top - Miss Selfridge
Mom Jeans - River Island
Loafers - Office
Clear Black Bag - Topshop

YAYYYY, I'm a happy girl now. 
I'm here lying on my bed - writing this blogpost at 4:02am( but i'll post it later)and I'm happy because I have FINALLY fixed the whole blurry image problem. For some reason, when i posted my images on blogger they came out blurry but when you click on them the quality returned… I don't know if anyone else has had the same problem in the past but after reading numerous forums ( as you do) i found out that i have to upload it to photo bucket then link it here. I know its long but i'd do anything for a sharp photo!

Anyways, back to reality. After posting my current wish list I went to go and get the off white loafers that I've been wanting for ages. I'm happy that i went in store to buy them the next day instead of buying it online - turns out you have to size up because they're tight fitted. I love them so much - words can't even describe how much I love them right now. Besides white, I also love wearing blue ( grey as well). I took a quick visit to Primark in Tottenham court road and i must say primark is defo upping their game! I have to tell you guys about my slight obsession. At first I saw this cardigan coat on another woman trying it on. I searched for my size but they didn't have any left :( thank god that woman took it off and put it back because it was in my size!. For 14 pounds ( the only reason I'm not doing the pound sign is because its not set up on my keyboard i can't be asked at the moment) I thought it was quite a good buy!. Primark is also selling white joni jeans dupes for 10 pounds which i picked up and then i had to return it because it obviously had the same problem as the Topshop ones SO SEE-THROUGH!. Even their press on nails * omg omg omg* I'm so impressed and obsessed with them - I'm wearing them in the photos) and I've had so many compliments. They have range of different colours/styles and for one pound wow it lasts ages - so long that i take them off myself they don't fall off. I do advise you not to use the glue that comes with it - buy the stronger nail glue from boots it lasts longer. But other than that, I have nothing to fault - who needs to go to the nail shop !
I've really spoken a whole lot about primark in this post - Let me calm down

Finally, I shall conclude this post by leading you to my current short movie I did for another photoshoot . If you like it give it a thumbs up so i know to do more of that type x

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  1. you look amazing! love the shoes