Dinner outfit // First post

SHIRT // Primark
SHORTS // Zara
BAG// new look

Welcome to my new and improved blog ( lol which is still a working progress ) i told myself that this summer i will create a blog and stay committed to it - documenting my outfits and photography as well as my lifestyle for not only myself but for others too. Lately, i've been loving whites/creams and it is pretty evident in the photos above. I like the whole clean and neat look and so i thought it would be perfect to wear this outfit out to dinner with my mother. I've completely fallen in love with these cream high waist shorts from zara whilst doing my summer shopping and I'm very sure this is not the last time you will be seeing them.

I'll make sure that i will continue to update this blog as well as my youtube & I hope that you  all enjoy all the content that is posted x

p.s sorry for the bad camera quality and lack of photos i quickly took these at around 7 when it was getting dark and i was heading out